Past Tense

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City of Origin: Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Playwright: Val Lieske
Director: Val Lieske
Cast: Val Lieske

PAST TENSE is a personal story of exploring death, grieving and whether or not there is pie in heaven. This darkly humorous production will bring tears to your eyes for more reasons than one.

“For a while my mom wouldn’t let him eat ice cream. He’s dying! Let the man have ice cream. Let him have brownies for breakfast and pie for lunch. Let him watch too much TV and eat sandwiches on white bread. I don’t think cholesterol is his biggest problem anymore.”

Genre: Comedy/Drama / Storytelling
Rating: General Audiences (Ages 12+, Solo Performance, Religious Content)

Length: 50 minutes
Tickets: $ 14.00

NOTE: Must have a Fringe Button, along with your ticket, to be admitted into the show (see our website for further details).

Past Tense
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