An Apocalypse Survival Guide: UNDEAD or ALIVE?

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City of Origin: Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Playwright: Jamie Northan and Delia Barnett
Director: Jamie Northan and Delia Barnett
Cast: Jamie Northan, Delia Barnett

Think you’re ready for the apocalypse? Come find out! Motivational speaker and world renown, award winning Doomsday Prepper, Wade Kliffguard is touring North America to help communities be ready. The performance concludes with a game of Zombie Tag, using all of the willing and able audience members, throughout the community. Do you have what it takes? Will you be UNDEAD or ALIVE?

This performance is a lecture on Apocalyptic preparedness, that concludes with an (optional) large game of Zombie Tag throughout the community of Ingelwood, involving all of the audience. Physically demanding: Zombie Tag games will vary from performance to performance, based on participants).

Genre: Satire / Comedy/Drama / Physical Theatre / Educational
Rating: Mature Content (16 +, Audience Participation, Educational Topics, Awkward Topics, Violence, Sexual Content, Adult Language, Religious Content, Gunshots, Lectures, and Zombies)

Length: 90 minutes (45 min performance time + 45 min Zombie Tag)
Tickets: $ 15.00

NOTE: Must have a Fringe Button, along with your ticket, to be admitted into the show (see our website for further details).

An Apocalypse Survival Guide: UNDEAD or ALIVE?
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