The Inventor Of All Things

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City of Origin: Surrey, UK

Playwright: Jem Rolls
Director: Jem Rolls
Cast: Jem Rolls

A Jewish Hungarian wrecked the Nazi Atomic Bomb?

The unbelievably true story of forgotten genius Leo Szilard. Peacemaker, physicist, Martian, refugee. And very funny.

Hated by Generals. First to think of The Bomb. Too good to flush his own toilet.

‘★★★★★’ – StarPhoenix. “Magnetic, and mesmerising” – CBC.

Smash hit FringeTour 2015.

Genre: Storytelling / Drama / Comedy/Drama
Rating: General Audience (Age 14+, Solo Performance)

Length: 60 Minutes
Tickets: $ 15.00

NOTE: Must have a Fringe Button, along with your ticket, to be admitted into the show (click here for further details). Fringe Buttons can be purchased FOR CASH ONLY at either our Information Booth or at the venue location itself when you come in to see the show.

The Inventor Of All Things
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