Least Likely to Succeed

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City of Origin: Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Director: Ciaran Volke
Cast: Various from the following: Cassandra Barrow, Harrison Bentley, Alex Bergen, Julia Caddy, Samantha Carson, Kirsten Claussner, Lloyd Davis, Ryan Dickinson, Nicole Dickinson, Jacob Dowdall, Anna Draper, Madeleine el Baroudi, Evan Forbes, Shelby Hewitt, Sierra Libin, Lausanne MacKay, Celia Niksic, Mikenzie Page, Zasha Rabie, Elizabet Rajchel, Tyra Sanderson, Issiah Sanghera, Julie Tuan, Ezra Warnock

What happened to that goth girl from English class? What about the guy from band that got a perm his freshman year? Least Likely to Succeed dives into high school yearbooks to improvise hilarious and surprising answers to that question. Bring your yearbook and we’ll use it in the show!

Genre: Improv / Sketch / Comedy
Rating: General Audience (Ages 8+, For/By Teens, Audience Participation)

Length: 50 Minutes
Tickets: $ 10.00

NOTE: Must have a Fringe Button, along with your ticket, to be admitted into the show (click here for further details). Fringe Buttons can be purchased FOR CASH ONLY at either our Information Booth or at the venue location itself when you come in to see the show.

Least Likely to Succeed
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