No Way Out

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City of Origin: Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada

Cast (Performers-Creators): David Gabert, Erica Barr, Greg Wilson, Camille Pavlenko, Brandon Eyck, Conner Christmas

Secrets define our lives, buried and ignored, but critical to who we are. This improvised tragicomedy explores these forgotten memories as siblings gather over dinner to deal with an unavoidable situation that has brought them together. An honest exploration of what it takes to break through the masks we wear.

“No Way Out…” challenges the expectation of improvisation as a comedic art form, and pushes it into an experiential and poignant theatre piece.

Genre: Improv / Comedy/Drama / Drama
Rating: Mature Content (Age 14+, Awkward Topics, Violence, Sexual Content, Adult Language)

Length: 60 Minutes
Tickets: $ 12.00

NOTE: Must have a Fringe Button, along with your ticket, to be admitted into the show (click here for further details). Fringe Buttons can be purchased FOR CASH ONLY at either our Information Booth or at the venue location itself when you come in to see the show.

No Way Out
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