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City of Origin: Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Playwright: Devised by the Director and Cast
Director: Erinn Watson
Cast: Nick Bohle, Brandon Eyck, Braedan Pettigrew, Shyla Bruvall, Zoë Arthur

Actors must inhabit the roles they play, the words they speak, the music they hear. But actors aren’t empty vessels. They in turn are inhabited by their own fears and desires, frustrations and joys. Inhabited explores theatrical transformation as it lives side by side with the actor’s inner emotional world.

Genre: Performance Art / Physical Theatre / Devised Theatre
Rating: General Audience (Age 13+)

Length: 45 Minutes
Tickets: $ 10.00

NOTE: Must have a Fringe Button, along with your ticket, to be admitted into the show (click here for further details). Fringe Buttons can be purchased FOR CASH ONLY at either our Information Booth or at the venue location itself when you come in to see the show.

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