Five Handy Fringe Tips (in no particular order)...

    1.  Grab a Fringe Guide. This is your all-inclusive, all-encompassing guide to every single event taking place at the Calgary Fringe 2017. You want show times, you want ticket prices, you want a map and performance descriptions – the Guide has it all. Look for the Fringe Program Guide at select Inglewood merchant locations starting July 24.  Printable version will be available by July 1.

    2.  Buy tickets in advance. Don’t like lining up? You don’t have to. Tickets to all Indoor Theatre Productions are available on-line, at this very web site. You can buy as many tickets as you like, for as many shows as you want. Looking at buying five tickets or more?  Get a SUPERPASS and save up to 30%.

    3.  See shows early. Don’t wait until the last showing to see that one production you’ve been waiting your whole life to see. Tickets get harder to find the less shows remain. Buck the trend and be there for opening night or mid week!

    4.  Wander. The Fringe Festival is bursting with activity – Inglewood SunFest on Saturday, August 5 featuring street performers, buskers, vendors, arts of all kinds, food court, pie eating contest, and more!  And throughout the rest of the Fringe, check out the various and really cool Inglewood stores and indoor theatre... Give yourself a few hours to explore the site and discover everything the Fringe has to offer.

    5.  It’s not all in the review. Reviews are only one way to find the hot shows. Keep your ears tuned to word of mouth – and go see the show that everyone’s talking about. Furthermore – go see the shows that YOU want to see. Read the show profiles on this web site or in the Fringe Guide, and trust your instincts.

And a bonus tip (on me) – prepare yourself for fun!